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While it’s tempting to make Kylie Spence‘s age the focal point of this post that would be doing her a slight disservice. Yes, the Montana based singer/songwriter is “just” 16 years old but on the basis of the recent single “The L Word” she’s already got the songwriting chops to aim for the top of the charts.

Having started composing and recording at the tender age of 12 Kylie can count piano, guitar and ukulele in her arsenal. As she was just starting to perform she was hit with an autoimmune disorder which left her unable to sing. For almost a year Kylie wrote instead honing song after song.

“The L Word” is a great testament to that dedication. The track is a subtle gem built on a constant bassline and shimmering guitars. Its beauty lies with the deceptively simple melody that shines throughout with no note seeming out of place. Where other songwriters may have gone for a bombastic chorus there is something quite charming about the restrained nature of the payoff on this one which nicely echoes the lyrical direction.

We hope Kyle remembers us when she all the way at the top.

“The L Word” is out now.

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