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We caught up with 16-year-old singer/songwriter, Kylie Spence, to get the inside scoop on her debut single, “Lying Eyes”! The moody, alt-pop track explores the dark depths of being in a tumultuous relationship and though it doesn’t reflect a personal experience of hers, the young singer captures the desperation and uneasiness of wanting to let someone go just perfectly. Read our exclusive Q&A below:

Let’s talk about “Lying Eyes”! How did the song come about for you? What’s the story behind it? I wrote Lying Eyes three days before starting my freshman year of high school. The writing process for this one was pretty simple, and the vibe came together very effortlessly. The chords and the staccato guitar strum give it a mysterious vibe in my opinion, and the lyrics came quite easily after the music was written. This song is not about me in any way, even though a lot of people think it is. Lying Eyes is about two people in a dishonest relationship. One person plays mind games, and the other person only chooses to stay because of the other person’s looks. It is a very unbalanced and confusing relationship.

What’s the reaction been like for you? It is been absolutely amazing and crazy both at the same time! I really wasn't expecting this big of a reaction. I was expecting my friends and family to buy it and share with their friends and family. I was not expecting Lying Eyes to get onto iTunes Hot Tracks or reach 100,000 streams on Spotify. It is so weird and crazy to me. It is so rewarding and humbling. I wish I could personally thank EVERYONE who supports the song, because it means the entire world to me.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you? Weird. When I don’t have writer’s block, it comes very fast. Like 30 minutes fast. Usually I start with chords, either on guitar, piano, or ukulele, then I sing a line or melody. Usually that first line never changes, and I get to form a story around that one line that would make sense in context with the line. It is very rare that I sit down with the goal of writing a song about something in particular. Its pretty random, but in the end it all makes sense to me. If I have writer’s block, it is very hard to write effortlessly, and I believe for me personally, a song is better if it comes effortlessly.

What’s a song you absolutely love that you wish you wrote? There are SO many songs I wish I wrote. One song that comes to mind is How by Daughter. It is so beautifully written and produced, I love it.

When it comes to stage presence, which artist(s) do you admire? I have a lot of respect for Adele when it comes to stage presence. I love that she really makes an effort to connect with her audience and deliver her art in a way that isn't a whole production with backup dancers and crazy stuff going on all of the time. It is very personal and I really admire that.

Can fans expect any new music releases anytime soon? Yes yes they can. I don’t want to give away too much, but they should expect a few new songs in the near future:)

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year? I want to reach 1,000,000 streams on one of my songs. That seems so far fetch, but dream big right? I also want to play a few shows either locally or travel somewhere, I think that would be really amazing.

What’s been on your summer playlist lately? Well, I actually just moved to Montana so all of my music has been super folky indie chill. I’ve really been loving the songs Delete by DMA’S, Bill Murray by Phantogram, and Yellow by Coldplay.

What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on social media? I am on Instagram the most. Either through commenting on my posts, DMing me, or through my email. I really make a big effort to connect and communicate with my fans, so I will most likely see if you are trying to get my attention.

When you’re not busy working on music, what are you guys usually up to? Music. Haha, no but really, I am doing music A LOT. On the rare occasion when I am not though, I will hang with friends, do art, watch cooking videos, or go for a hike.

Any special message for your fans? I love and appreciate you and your support more than you'll ever know. The love and interest you show in me and my music seriously lifts me up and makes me feel like I'm doing all of this for a good reason. I hope you all continue to love and appreciate music the way I do, because music is truly a beautiful and a complex language, and I hope my work can bring people together.

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